Micro beads (I-tip)

Installed in individual strands, using specialty pliers, attached with copper bonds that do not slip or cut into natural hair. Because there is no heat or chemicals there is no damage.

Nano beads

Very similar to micro beads. They are individual strands, placed in the very same way, but the strands and beads are  much smaller.



Installed by sandwiching your real hair in-between 2 pieces of wefts, attached using a medical grade non water-soluble tape. Removed with an all organic, all natural solvent that is so gentle does not even take off nail polish.


The extensions you can do yourself in the Delilah Hair sisterhood. Each bag comes with 7 pieces totaling 100 grams. Each clip is lined with a silicone tube to ensure no slipping with out having to harmfully tease your hair. This will be enough to place in any one girls hair that is at least to her shoulders. Installed by your self at home in minutes clips ins are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. You can also brighten your color or add vision colors with not chemical or salon appointments. You can mix and match bags for added variety or have custom double-weft bags made (with twice the hair) just for you.


To match your color properly for ordering, have a friend take a picture of your hair in the sun, front and back and email to Also you can ask your stylist the line, level and shade of color you have or mail pieces of old extensions or a hair cut to us and we will spot on match for no additional charge.

tape in

Can't decide which method is right for you?