Long Hair


Also known as a 1 step. Usually involves one color from roots to ends or a root color and a separate formulation for mid shaft to ends. No foils used. Not typically recommend for blondes. Blondes seeking all over 1 color blonde should call for a consultation.


Our basic services for anyone on the go, price conscious or just trying to stretch it out till their next color application. Comes with blow out. Platinum roots may have a slight up charge.


Highlights/ lowlights and/or roots. We don’t do partials, we do what you need. This is the standard for color. Includes foils or balayage.


Balayage ombre ect change to Double process/ Full/ Partial with All Over color/ Fashion Looks - Sometimes good color needs to be done twice. It often takes a little longer to get it perfect, or right where you want it. There are many steps and many versions and all of take time to the perfect color. Remember blonde wasn’t build in a day.


If its messed up, it's gonna cost more for us to fix it, but have faith. There is little in hair that can’t be corrected with a few short hours and some TLC. The first step is always a non-damaging ‘color de-bonder’. Depending how long it takes to to get you there depends on the final price. Because it takes so much more product and time, we can’t quote with out consultation. Your hairs length and integrity is the more important when getting you hair back to perfect.


The world famous blow outs - (+ $15 – $30 for 15 to 30 minutes of maintenance)


A formaldehyde free smoothing service that is safe for you, safe for me and safe for your hair. Uberliss will make any coarse hair feel like silk and will make any frizzy hair look like brand new. We highly recommend this before all micro-bead, tape in and clip in services.


The 'little as possible’ cut. We always keep the length. Performed on dry hair, so all we have to cut is the dead ends and not a millimeter more. We don’t charge for the hair we cut off. We charge for the hair we leave on!

Longer Hair

18in – $899 – 2 bundles (110 grams) 22in – $1150 – Our Top Seller! 24in – $1400 – (160 grams single to double strand) Upgrade to an additional bundle (50 more grams) or double thick strands at any time for only $200! 26in – $1400 – Comes With Unlimited Double or Single Strand Hair (any length) + $100 for nano beads

18in – $899 – 2 bundles (110 grams) 22in – $1050 – Our Top Seller! 24in – $1300 – 3 bundles (160 grams) Upgrade to an additional bundle (50 more grams) at any time starting at only $200

Partial Maintenance - $100
Less than 1 hour of work

Full Maintenance - $200 - $250
Tape in-and-out same day $250. MUST be booked before 4 PM or 48 hours in advance.

Tangle Removal - $50 - $75 an hour
This does not include new hair

New Hair Bundles - $200
50 grams of hair


2x 150g

3x 210g





Free installation for life

Need help deciding which type fits you?