1. ALWAYS use good products – make sure you are using salon grade products. Anything that is for moisturizing is helpful in making extensions last as long as possible. Never use volumizing or clarifying products. Anything that can be purchased from a grocery store is NOT a good product. Many product makers will sell grocery stores the same product that they sell salons, but are watered down or very old on consignment.
  1. When shampooing, lather hair in hot water and pull lather from roots to end. Do NOT rub strands between palms. 

NEVER get hair wet while in a bun or pinned up. Always have loose or in a braid
  1. When conditioning, lift hair in rows and apply conditioner in same manner as shampoo. Then when hair is evenly coated, comb conditioner in layers using a wide tooth comb. Rinse in cool water.
  1. Blow dry as little as possible on as low heat as possible. NEVER brush hair wet, only comb. Hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet.
  1. Daily rinsing in hot water will reduce oil production, without stripping hair of vital nutrients.
  1. Brush with special extension brushes, boar brushes, wire brushes and some paddle brushes, NO vent brushes.
  1. All heat tools are permitted in moderation and medium heat. Be careful of ends when curling or flat ironing. The more passes of a heat tool, the more long-term damage the hair will sustain, and the more shelf life taken off the duration of hair.
  1. Sleep in a loose braid or braided pigtails. It does not have to be perfect will just prevent matting during sleep when you toss and turn.
  1. NEVER sleep with wet hair especially with hair in a hair tie.
  1. DAILY run fingers from above the bond, breaking apart any bonds that might have grown together.
  1. Swimming of any kind is not prohibited but frowned upon. If for any reason hair gets wet from a pool, lake, ocean, river, etc.- rinse it in fresh cool clean water as soon as possible, definitely before the hair begins to dry.
  1. High, tight pony tails and messy buns are not recommended.
  1. When pinning hair up always make sure the ends remain loose and not tucked in
  1. Also, even though the hair feels wonderful and amazing, do not get in the habit of incessantly running your fingers though it; the added stress is not good for your scalp.

All these things seem small and tedious, but I assure you that if you do each of the above diligently, you will have a long pleasurable experience with your hair extensions. If you miss a day or step, it won’t ruin your hair overnight, but cumulatively it will take away days, maybe weeks of the duration you have long luxurious hair extensions.

As a side note: all of these tips are good for non-extensioned hair as well.

Question about long hair care?