About Hair Extensions

Micro-Bead (I-tip) or Tape

  • Each bundles has 50; 1 gram strands
  • 150 strands or 3+ bundles does an average head
  • Mix and match bags available
  • 100% human top quality hair
  • Beads included. All specialty tools are sold separately.


Delilah Hair 24″ clip-ins are great for adding length, volume, and less time than traditional more permanent extensions for half the price. Delilah Clip-ins only take minutes to install and to be removed. You can install these clip-ins from the comfort of your own home. Wear for a special occasion or just every day! In every bag of Delilah Damage Free Clip-in Extensions comes with 5-7 total weft pieces, customized to 150 grams to 350 grams: TWO-6 inch wefts with 4 clips, THREE-4 inch wefts with 3 clips, and TWO-2 inches with 1 clip (optional).
Exact inch and weight may vary.


 Comparison Micro-Bead Tape
Hand Tied Wefts
“How long does it take to put them in?” To install in a full head, it takes approximately 2- 3 hours, plus the time of a haircut and style.

**at Delilah we have a full staff of dolls to serve you. Many times, we can have two people working on you at time, dramatically cutting down on application time.
To put in a full-head, it takes one hour, on clean hair, plus the time of a haircut and
Three row is typically 2 to 3 hours if you come in with clean dry hair. Less rows is less time.
“How long does removal take?” It typically takes 30 minutes to remove micro-beads, not including the time to shampoo and blow-dry your hair to make ready for a new set. It typically takes 30 minutes to remove the extensions and an additional 30 minutes to remove the remaining adhesive residue, clarify, and blow-dry your hair to make ready for a new set. Wefts take about 30 to 45 minutes to remove not including the time to shampoo and blow-dry your hair to make ready for a new set.
“How often do I need to replace my extensions?” Depending on your hair’s natural ability to tangle, and how well you take care of it – it only needs to be re-done every 6 to 9 months with a whole new set of hair. A pro of micro beads you can mix in new bundles of hair into your existing set, to refresh the look. 1 bundle for fullness and two bundles to restore length and fullness. Tape-ins require maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks, but you can re-use the same set of hair for up to 4 or more applications. New bundles can be added with maintenance, or have two sets on hand, means never having to buy a whole new set ever. Depending on your hair’s natural ability to tangle, and how well you take care of it – it only needs to be re-done every 6 to 9 months with a whole new set of hair.
“How often will I need to get them maintained?” The longer you go between visits the longer you will spend in the chair. Beads need to be moved up every 2 to 3 months. Bead Move ups take 2-3 hours. Every couple of bead move ups you will need to replace some of the beads and hair due to the fact that some pieces will wear out faster than others. The better you care for your extensions the longer they will last. Every 8 weeks all the hair must be taken out, cleaned, re-taped and reinstalled. The cleaning portion takes several hours for your stylist. It is not recommended to take them out and put them back on same day. Wefts need to be moved up every 2-3 months and usually takes about 3 hours. The hair is completely removed from the hair and installed like a brand new set.
“I wear clip ins which is better to upgrade to?” If you are looking for more versatility with styles and volume and want a lot more hair in your hair, micro bead (itip) is the way to go. If you not sure you want to be married to your color or extensions for the next 6 months tape is the way to go because you can take them in and out as you please. Wefts are basically clip ins that never come out.
“I don’t want boys to know I have extensions. Which is better for that?” If a boy runs his hands through the micro-bead (itip), he will not feel the micro bead, but he will feel it with his hand on the back of your head. If a boy runs his hands through the tape, he will feel it, but if he runs his hands down the back of your head he won’t notice anything. These are kind of a happy medium. Disclaimer: you will have more extension hair attached to less natural. Some girls love the extra room, some girls find them to be bulky. Everyone thinks they hide very well.



Delilah Brand Hair Extensions are installed using the cold fusion and tape fusion method. There are no heat and chemicals involved, so there is nothing to compromise the integrity of your hair. Below are frequently asked questions (FAQs), but if you’d like to know anything else, please contact us to ensure all of your questions are answered.

Which method is better for your hair?

All of Delilah’s methods are virtually damage free. If installed properly and maintained regularly your hair will show no sign of ever having had hair extensions. It is recommended that you never go longer than 8 weeks without seeing your stylist for maintenance no matter what method you have in your head.

How do I know which method is right for me?

Your lifestyle determines which method you should get. Most clients can have either. A consultation should always take place before any extension service. Getting extensions the first time you meet your stylist is not recommended.

Will it hurt?

Normally the next day you will have a minor headache, but nothing that a shot of tequila can’t fix. If you have a discomfort past a week, consult your stylist immediately.

Which method is cheaper? Which method requires the least time in the chair? Which method requires the least trips to the salon?

Over the course of a year, both methods should balance out to all be equal. Only spread out differently, payments and time.

Why don’t you make sew-ins or hot fusion?

Over the course of this company’s life, we have found that sew ins and hot fusion, no matter who installs them or how well they are taken care of, are damaging. Delilah’s first rule of business is keeping your natural hair intact. Sew-ins and hot fusion, though they may still be common, are out dated methods.

Which styles better? Which hides better?

The pro and cons of each method are 50/50. Micro bead (itip) are individual strands installed over several hours. Since the pieces are small they can move up, down, left, right and diagonally, better for high ponies and buns. Tape the bonds are made up of the exact color of the hair, so they are virtually undetectable but must be worn in a low pony, but lay much flatter.

How do I maintain it? Is it difficult?

In the maintenance tab, there are step-by-step instructions on how to care for it. All of the tips are great for extensions OR anyone wanting to take good care of their long hair.

How much does maintenance cost?

Every stylist is different, but a maintenance cost and schedule should be established at installation or consultation.

Will I lose pieces?

Losing pieces are inevitable; depending on how much hair you shed on a regular basis.

Why the lengths 22 and 26 inches?

22 inches will stretch to just below the underwire of your bra when straight. The 26 inch will reach below when the hair is curled. Layering the hair to blend the extension with your natural hair will shorten it some, so its better to keep the hair long and trim it as it thins out.

What colors are available? Will it match?

The original color swatch has over 48 colors, from jet black to platinum. Over the many years of hair styling I have narrowed down to the most common 13 colors. Also being a true colorist I have made 4 custom blends that can be combined with any of the 13 colors to make endless color combinations. A strong grasp of color theory will ensure flawless matching.

Will it damage my hair?

With proper care and maintenance there will be no damage. That does not make them fool proof. Regular trips to the salon and education for you and your stylist are a must.

I live far away from my stylist which method is better for out of town clients?

If you cannot make it the salon every other month you should probably not consider permanent extensions. Clip-ins would work great.

What makes Delilah different from any other brand?

A licensed hairstylist, working behind the chair everyday, developed Delilah. No other line is developed, designed, marketed and refined by a stylist who also cuts, colors, and styles hair. Delilah Hair isn’t just trying to sell you a product, but a culture of long hair.

Where does the hair come from?

Most of the hair comes from Russia, China and Malaysia. This blend makes it perfect for Caucasian hair, finer with just a little wave.

What does Remy mean?

Remy does not have anything to do with quality. All it means is that roots are all kept going in the same direction, so the hair remains tangle and static free.


  1. ALWAYS use good products – make sure you are using salon grade products. Anything that is for moisturizing is helpful in making extensions last as long as possible. Never use volumizing or clarifying products. Anything that can be purchased from a grocery store is NOT a good product. Many product makers will sell grocery stores the same product that they sell salons, but are watered down or very old on consignment.

  2. When shampooing, lather hair in hot water and pull lather from roots to end. Do NOT rub strands between palms. NEVER get hair wet while in a bun or pinned up. Always have loose or in a braid

  3. When conditioning, lift hair in rows and apply conditioner in same manner as shampoo. Then when hair is evenly coated, comb conditioner in layers using a wide tooth comb. Rinse in cool water.

  4. Blow dry as little as possible on as low heat as possible. NEVER brush hair wet, only comb. Hair is most vulnerable to breakage when wet.

  5. Daily rinsing in hot water will reduce oil production, without stripping hair of vital nutrients.

  6. Brush with special extension brushes, boar brushes, wire brushes and some paddle brushes, NO vent brushes.

  7. All heat tools are permitted in moderation and medium heat. Be careful of ends when curling or flat ironing. The more passes of a heat tool, the more long-term damage the hair will sustain, and the more shelf life taken off the duration of hair.

  8. Sleep in a loose braid or braided pigtails. It does not have to be perfect will just prevent matting during sleep when you toss and turn.

  9. NEVER sleep with wet hair especially with hair in a hair tie.

  10. DAILY run fingers from above the bond, breaking apart any bonds that might have grown together.

  11. Swimming of any kind is not prohibited but frowned upon. If for any reason hair gets wet from a pool, lake, ocean, river, etc.- rinse it in fresh cool clean water as soon as possible, definitely before the hair begins to dry.

  12. High, tight pony tails and messy buns are not recommended.

  13. When pinning hair up always make sure the ends remain loose and not tucked in

  14. Also, even though the hair feels wonderful and amazing, do not get in the habit of incessantly running your fingers though it; the added stress is not good for your scalp. All these things seem small and tedious, but I assure you that if you do each of the above diligently, you will have a long pleasurable experience with your hair extensions. If you miss a day or step, it won’t ruin your hair overnight, but cumulatively it will take away days, maybe weeks of the duration you have long luxurious hair extensions.

As a side note: all of these tips are good for non-extensioned hair as well.